About Blue Legacy

Dedicated to educating and empowering artisans marginalized due to

race, gender, age, ability, size, sexuality or economics.

Founded in 1989, Blue Legacy began with just two divisions -- Blue Forge Press and Blue Forge Gaming. But under the guidance of married couple Jennifer and Brianne DiMarco and their grown children, Maxwell and Faith, the company grew to include Blue Forge Films and Blue Forge Records in 2011. All four divisions share the same goals: To bring light to the shadows and voice to the silence by empowering storytellers from all walks of life and making storytelling platforms and mediums accessible. The DiMarco family continues to be at the heart of the team of volunteers that guide Blue Legacy.

With a focus on education and breaking stereotypes, the DiMarcos pioneered the way publishers, record labels and studios work with their artisans, and how books, films, games, and albums are made and marketed. While refusing to become a vanity company (where creators pay for publication or distribution), Blue Legacy maintains its integrity, quality and mission by remaining a traditional studio with a noncommercial twist:

Though always a Washington State registered charity and not-for-profit entity with the highest levels of transparency, in April 2019, Blue Legacy became a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Their revolving Board of Directors allows their creative partners to have a voice in all major company decisions and their continued dedication to creating an inclusive, supportive community has never been stronger.

How can a publishing house, a record label, a gaming studio and a film company be a nonprofit? Instead of paying our artisans a royalty and then pocketing the profit, we use the remaining funds to create a legacy account for that artisan so their book, album, game or film stays available indefinitely. We also fold revenue back into publishing additional marginalized artisans and, of course, covering the day-to-day costs such as electricity, storing inventory, and more. All our staff are volunteers who support themselves with their own creative work so no revenue is ever used for salaries. The majority Blue Legacy's revenue is earned through grants, donations, dues to participate in our film festivals or workshops, and memberships to our acting troupe.


Websites for each of our divisions, showcasing our 1000+ films and shows, and dozens of our books, games and albums are linked below.