What is the Blue Legacy Blog?

It began as a public, daily video posted by CFO Jennifer DiMarco updating all our musicians, filmmakers, authors, actors, and game designers on everything going on across all four Blue Legacy divisions. It stayed a daily vlog for two years then transitioned to a weekly one and finally a monthly, long-form news show. We never want to overwhelm our artisans but we do want them to stay in the loop and stay informed and despite our best efforts, email and phone trees just never worked.


The Blue Legacy company-wide update now posts... whenever we have news to share! Sometimes that's once a month. Sometimes it's daily! But this update is now exclusively for our contracted, active artisans. If you're not actively working on a Blue Legacy project, there's no need to stay in the loop. Sit back and relax! Royalties are sent out every month via PayPal with reports right in the memo field. Have questions about your royalties? Just use the Contact link above and reach out.

But if you're an artisan actively creating with us, you'll definitely want all the news about our Washington Arts Commission (ArtsWA) and National Endowment for the Arts grants, magazine partnerships, free book fairs and publicity clubs, our housing program for the community, the Create4U youth group, and other amazing activities Blue Legacy is engaged in.

To access the new blog (and receive notifications whenever a new one posts) simply click the Contact link above and request the blog password. Once you have the password, return here and click the Enter the Password button. Do not share your password with anyone -- not even another contracted artisan! We require all artisans to request access personally. Thank you.